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Mining & Quarries

Use aerial data to increase efficiency and accuracy while maintaining and ensuring safety and compliance.

what we offer

  • Site Surveying using RTK Drones

  • Multispectral / SWIR Imagery 

  • Mag surveys

  • Digital Surface Model 

  • Above and underground 3D Models

  • Gold exploration

Which our clients utilize for:

  • Inventory Tracking

  • Road Hauling

  • Blast Planning

  • Traffic Management 

  • Tailings

Mining & Quaries


Get a holistic photorealistic, georeferenced 3D model of your mine/ Quarry to perform volume calculation, slope analysis, cross section and area measurements to be utilized by mine planners, blast teams, traffic management and safety your entire mine / quarry

Site Surveying using RTK Drones

We provide valuable data that will allow you to:

Track your inventory

Measure stockpiles more often for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods, keep track of your inventory over a period of time.


Optimize Road Hauling

Optimize the design of haul roads, loading floors, stock pile locations to ensure compliance and operational safety

Surface Length

3,222.31 M

Horizontal Length

3,311.37 M

Max Elevation

408.512 M

Min Elevation

109.82 M

Gradient (degrees)

3.8° Average

Max Gradient


Blast Planning

Utilize high resolution Ortho photos in selecting blast locations, capture before and after imagery to see changes and collaborate with more teams via a single source of truth.

unnamed (2).png


Monitor your tailings dam with a drone, and immediately reducing the risks to surveying personnel. No longer do they need to be in such close proximity to dust and dangerous substances associated with the area. Drone surveying can be done from line-of-site distance alone.

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