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Location Intelligence

We provide cutting-edge geospatial solutions, and specialize in data acquisition, GIS and asset management. 

What we offer: Site selection, delivery routing, geo-marketing. and more

Homogenous blocks that build a smarter city.

We designed the most granular blocks which fall completely within neighborhoods, expanding into shiakhas, districts and governorates. This allows for seamless integration with your data, where our blocks can be used as proxy to aggregate points to administrative areas they fall within.

Location intelligence services

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Site Selection

We help you find branch-specific primary, secondary, and tertiary catchment areas, and opportunities for expansion through geo-spatial data. Reduce risk, and lower margins of error by integrating GIS data into your decision making.

We Provide
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Retail Density

We aggregate our points of interests on the block level to provide thematic maps based on retail density. 


Building Types

Discover building types. Buildings can range from residential, retail, tourism, 

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Points of Interest

We collected over 200,000 points of interest over the last 4 years in greater Cairo alone.


Population Density

Map illustrating population density on the
block level, areas without block coverage are
non-residential areas.


Income demographics

Discover business and distribution opportunities based on city income levels.

Bring your data to life

The foundation of every map is the underlaying data. It acts as the building blocks for any meaningful information. Every map tells a story, what story would you like to tell?

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective

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