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Agriculture in Africa is an area of active development and governments are looking at implementing methods that apply remotely sensed data to solve production, monitoring tasks. 

what we offer

  • Crop Monitoring

  • Soil Assessment 

  • Fertility Assessment

  • Emergence & Population

  • Irrigation & Drainage

  • Crop Protection

  • Harvest Planning

Precision Agriculture 


Crop Monitoring

Drone and multispectral analysis can detect disease and stress even before it becomes visible from the ground level. Use aerial imagery to monitor plant health and vegetation. 

Bring your data to life


Reduce inspection cost & time

Conduct fast and accurate inspections in a fraction of the standard time.

Collect and track data over time

Tracking harvest over a long period of time can help you optimize land use.

Increase yield efficiency

Surveying over time can help you optimize and increase yield efficiency.

How our clients benefit from drone data 

  • Track vegetation health 

  • Track crop yield 

  • Gain early warnings of health problems

  • Irrigation system planning and inspection

  • Manage water resources and soil quality

Agri fayoum.JPG

How drone data allows you to inspect and maintain crop

  • Valuable multispectral bands allow in-depth analysis of plant and soil conditions

  • VHR imagery gives you the power to map land use at wide scales with incredible detail and accuracy

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