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Our GIS data can help provide support in decision-making and strategic planning of both business and consumer.

what we offer

  • Branch Consolidation 

  • ATM Optimization

  • Geo-Marketing

  • Asset Management

  • Performance Monitoring

Consolidate your branches

GIS data allows you to gain a spatial understanding of your branches, monitor their performance and catchment areas, and discover opportunities of expansion.​


ATM Optimization

Urban areas are changing socially and economically at a fast pace, which makes demographic analysis and location intelligence essential to understanding how you can maximize and consolidate your ATM branches.

Gain a better under -standing of your business

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Manage Assets

Track branch / ATM performance. GIS makes it possible to operate, maintain, and upgrade physical assets cost-effectively.


Customer Analysis

Gain a better understanding of your customer and market segment through census data. 

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Geo - Marketing

Leveraging location to spatially target marketing campaigns for products such as mortgages, new account propositions, and credit cards can lead to considerably higher acquisition and conversion.


Customer Satisfaction

Learn how far your customers have to travel to reach your branch, and understand how you can better serve them.

Gain a better under -standing of your business

Branch & ATM Optimization

The foundation of every map is the underlaying data. It acts as the building blocks for any meaningful information. Every map tells a story, what story would you like to tell?

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